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ziq wrote (edited )

Because they're indoctrinated early in life into liberalism, into believing every other country in the world is inferior to the great US of A, and that Americans are the chosen people that will spread 'democracy' to the entire globe.

Also, a lot of them are so self involved that they don't even attempt to justify it to themselves that their government is killing tens of thousands of brown people for their oil, and decimating entire cultures for the unacceptable crime of refusing to conform to the ideals of the great American empire.


Prismatic_Iguana wrote

Preach! Americans think they are such hot shit, trying to bully the rest of the planet into submission. If the planet can't serve them what good is it, right?


bigOther wrote

I think it's because 'freedom' is an empty concept (a signifier without a signified, if you like). As such, its ideological function is to resolve the essential contradictions of society. Why to we have to spend so much time labouring under the dictatorial command of our bosses? Freedom (free market capitalism). Why are there so many people in prison? Freedom (freedom of choice, and personal responsibility for those choices). Why do terrorists hate us? Freedom. Why is health care so expensive and also so shitty? Freedom. Freedom is the imagined essence that makes America 'exceptional' and 'great'. People think America is the land of the free because that's how they define America; it's a tautology.


jadedctrl wrote

That was seriously insightful, I wish I could updoot you twice!


tnstaec wrote

TL;DR: actual freedom for white, male bourgeois in the early days and effective indoctrination today

Substantive answer: Unlike it's European forebears (or even Commonwealth countries now), the US had a definitive beginning. That beginning occurred during the transition from absolute monarchism and late feudalism to capitalism, industrialism and the so-called "Enlightenment". It doesn't seem like it now, but the ideas of classical liberalism were pretty revolutionary for their time.

The US didn't have a landed aristocracy, so white males were already far freer than their European counterparts. It's actually possible to own land within the US legal framework, which still isn't the case in most monarchies. For much of US history, parcels of land were cheap to free, as long as you killed off the original inhabitants, and "improved" it.

The US was the first country to impose a definite constitution, not only to outline the operation of the government, but also granting rights to individuals in the Bill of Rights. This happened at the same time as the Declaration of Rights of Man and Citizen in France. By comparison, it took the better part of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries for Western Europe to transition to constitutional monarchy or stable republic.

Then there's the oppositional models of state that cropped up in the 20th century: fascism and Stalinism (together referred to as "totalitarianism") both of which had little protections for individual freedom. After the fall of the USSR, most Americans had been indoctrinated that no other type of leftism existed than the Soviet model. Even to this day most Americans assume that one must either side with a strong state or strong capital. This is the biggest obstacle for anarchism in the US.

Another factor is that the US is fairly insular. It's a massive country. You can count on one hand states of comparable size. So most Americans, who never leave the country or consume foreign media have no idea what life is like elsewhere.

All of the above conveniently ignores the large segments of society that had been enslaved, genocided or relegated as second class citizens. Yet so many "original constructionists" like to tell us what an insightful document the constitution is.


Defasher wrote

Because if they were forced to accept the reality that their proud red white and blue democracy is responsible for 98% of the misery, chaos and oppression in the world, they would have to do something drastic like stop being a liberal.


Enkara wrote

Mostly brainwashing plus some willful ignorance.


OniLinkPlus wrote

Propaganda from birth plus isolation from the rest of the world. It sounds good for us, so why would we want to question it?


jadedctrl wrote

Commodities are so cheap and stained with blood that many US citizens feel powerful and in control. I mean, fuck, "we have so much stuff," right? The truest form of freedom, indeed, is control. They don't have it, though, they just have a bunch of junk.


ziq_postcivver wrote (edited )

Because every facet of their lives is carefully controlled by the state's mass media apparatus. They think what they're programmed to think.


zer0crash wrote