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Personally, I do zazen for 30-40 minutes at a time (sitting half-lotus) and something I call "bookstanding" where I stand on a book facing the wall.

I don't allow myself to scratch an itch while meditating, and as a general rule, do not answer the door or phone.

Interested in hearing from Raddle readers on this topic.



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freiheit wrote

Stress management, very important, I do 5-20 mins. counting 3-2-1 while taking a deep breath with each number every AM; actually took part in a biofeedback experiment which showed meditation (focused, controlled breathing) reduced several stress indicators.

also there is "4-7-8" breathing, which I've used in protests: breathe in count to 4; hold count to 7; breathe out count to 8...


ziq wrote

No but I've been meaning to start, so this thread will be useful.


watermelon wrote (edited )

Does staring at lines of code for 10 hours straight count?


Cosmicsloth42 wrote

I do basic breathing mediation for an hour after exercise everyday. I want to eventually make it to full-lotus position but so far it isn't working out.


zer0crash wrote

Yee takes about 3 blunts and I'm meditating in the Himalayas with Big Sean