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LostYonder wrote

I would say marriage in and of itself, not to mention monogamy in general. Seems all quite unnatural to me!


captain_commerce wrote

Studies have shown that couples who waited till marriage generally have more stable relationships than those who did not.

The study cited in this article implies that couples who wait generally are happier with their relationship for several reasons, not all directly related to the intercourse itself. Perhaps by having sex early, young people do not make emotional bonds that are important to the success of their relationship. In a healthy sex life, intercourse is interwoven with intense emotions. When a person seeks sexual intercourse in of itself and considers sex to be "cheap", they devalue the emotional side of sex, which makes it harder for them to choose and stay with a partner later on. They can't see why anyone would have sex besides physical pleasure, and so they also fail to see why anyone would want to live so closely with another person.


The_Ten_Types_Joke wrote

Thanks for that, add to that the current prevalence of pr0n and you get a perfect disorder that negatively affects most of our youngs.