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tnstaec wrote

I don't get any significant physical activity :/


mofongo wrote

Half an hour a day of exercise has been shown to undo many ill effects of sedentary life.

If you need motivation, I'm here for you.



hotcool wrote

Negative thinking. Meditation helps mitigate that though.


Enkara wrote

Picking at scabs.

Got some several year old ones.


mofongo wrote

I sit on a chair for around 10 hours a day. Not good for the heart, not good for the back, not good for the eyes, not good in general.


_ziq_ wrote

I think a lot of us have this habit, but it's often the only way we have to survive.


bananaguardian wrote

If possible, throw a bike ride around the block a few times or try bike-commuting if it's possible.

I had terrible back problems from sitting at a desk all day until I started sleeping on the floor and riding my bike to/from work almost every day.


ziq wrote (edited )


I'd do that if I didn't have a 2 hour commute.


sudo wrote (edited )

Not getting work done that I need to, because I'll think about how much time and energy it will take, get worn out just thinking about it, and put it off. But, while I'm doing something else, I'll be dreading having to eventually work on what I'm putting off, and I'll also be dreading the idea of not getting it done in time. That'll make me even more exhausted, and less likely to start working on it. Eventually, I'll get it done at the last minute, and feel like shit afterwards, because it was worrying about it the entire time. Though, I am getting better at this, because I've started doing the most unpleasant things at the start of the day, then the second most unpleasant thing, and so on, until at the end of the day, I'll be doing something I like.

Also, not exercising. I've tried many times to get into the habit of exercising, but it's just so taxing on me that I can't keep it up. When the revolution comes, I won't be the one charging into the enemy lines; I'll be the one hacking into their servers and feeding them false intelligence.

If you have any unhealthy habits, ask yourself: "If another person had to start living your life, what would be the things they'd change to make it better?" For some reason, viewing yourself from the third person makes it a lot easier to see your own flaws. Naturally, some of them are due to capitalism, so not everything can be solved by a change in habits.


zod wrote (edited )

Picking my nose. With a switchblade.


LostYonder wrote

staying on facebook smoking shisha/hookah reading fox news