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SomeIconoclast wrote

When do you think the revolution will happen?

"The" implies a single, significant event that has an observable beginning and end; typically used to describe events that have already happened. "Will" in this context signifies that something has not happened, but will eventually. "The revolution" is typically touted as something that is inevitable once enough people take up arms, and maybe read some political theory drawn up by whoever. Which isn't inaccurate, a mass change requires people to bring it about. So I think that a revolution would happen once that threshold of popular support is reached. I just don't believe that that threshold will be reached any time soon for a variety of reasons; humanity has had all the time in which authority has existed to destroy it; we haven't, so it only grew more powerful and ensconced in our perception of reality that a world without it seems dreamlike; impossible. I, for one, am tired of waiting for everyone else to "rise up" and have no desire to die fighting to change the world and would rather just leave.