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Scan2 wrote

Parents have been having kids for hundreds of thousands of years. If you believe we now need an exam to disallow some from making kids then you believe there is something inherently wrong with society (i.e. education, morals, IQ impacting chemicals). If you don't but instead simply believe that our advanced societies now are requiring a higher level of functioning than our predecessors, then you're condemning those left behind - once you stop a person from breeding their DNA ends forever - to a life without progeny that will take care of them as they get older. This means society has to "foot the bill" to take care of them. This will go on until society is forced, due to scarcity of resources, to take care of the problem prior to having to take care of said people and expending resources it doesn't have. Now you're talking about genetic modification and discrimination.

Not an easy or straight forward proposal.