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tonamejustafew wrote

IQ. Administered by the same people where you test your IQ. We shouldn't ignore the facts, as Sam Harris says IQ is a reliable measure of intelligence and that's a fact of science.


mofongo wrote

No, just no.


tonamejustafew wrote (edited )

Are we going to ignore the facts just because they make us uncomfortable? Sam Harris for your information has a Phd in neurobiology.


foggymorn OP wrote (edited )

Sam Harris for your information

any sentence that starts like that doesn't need to be vocalized.

Your 'facts' are completely non existent.


J7383 wrote

Intelligence has nothing to do with your ability to nurture a human life. Some of the smartest people in the world are sociopaths.


robottroymacclure wrote

IQ is only one of several metrics used to measure intelligence without reference to an individuals other scores IQ is relatively useless.