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hermit_dragon wrote

Sorry but at 'Marxism, which is a science' I choked on my popcorn and now I have to laugh until I puke.

It's not that it couldn't be categorized as such (I mean, a social/political science or philosophy) - it's more that that's what you care about and think is a winning argument that cracks me up.

You: 'What will convince the anarchists to take ML seriously? Oh I know, reify it as a science full of le logics and reasons, approved of and codified by the academy of peers! Sneer that any disagreement with this glorious doctrine is juvenile and classed! Then I will link them to a Youtube video, their tiny minds will explode with scientific understanding, and my great and effective argument will have been made!!!!'

Way to win friends and influence people >_>

I will take this kind of ML seriously when they learn to be faaaaaaaaaaaar more critical of the academy, and academia, and the power structures/hierarchies inherent to them. Which will be never, I hope my readers understand.