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redgreenexplosion OP wrote (edited )

But has Marxism ever been implemented? What makes Marxism so successful? All the Marxist states in the world have a clear class structure still. Even if it's correct in theory, it hasn't created communism yet.

You know, I doubt all of the workers that pulled off revolutions without knowing theory behind it would hate being called liberals /petite bourgeois. I get that theory is important, and I’m still learning about it, but to write those off that don’t know the theory as well but genuinely strive for revolution is unfair to us. Isn’t the whole point of the vanguard party not to make the masses masters of communist theory but to make them revolutionary?


Dialectical wrote

To blame Marxism because we have yet to achieve full communism is illogical. It takes a lot of time to defeat the reactionary elements in society and to educate the masses so that they may be properly prepared for the next stage in the class war that will eventually lead us to communism. First we have to overthrow communism and establish a Marxist state through revolution, something that has eluded us in the West. Only then can we begin to prepare for communism.

I suspect you are hung up on aesthetics and on looking the part, but not really doing the work to understand class dynamics and material conditions. You have to read, read, read if you ever hope to create communism.


redgreenexplosion OP wrote

This is really not true. I don't care about aesthetics. I hate that everyone assumes I’m struggling between the two (anarchism and marxism) because I have no knowledge of theory and I only care about aesthetics.

I’m reading plenty of theory, but on both sides. Just because I’m learning by asking questions and talking to people, doesn't mean I’m not also reading theory or that I only care about aesthetics. If you’re going to claim there is only one right way to do things, that’s just going to make me see you Marxists as being bossy and demeaning, and I’m not here to be talked down to or to be told things have to be a certain way (dogmatism). I’m here to build a better world with my comrades.