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Dialectical wrote

I tried to downvote you but instead it upvoted and now it won't let me downvote.

Anyway, you shouldn't dismiss everything I said so haphazardly. If you go through point by point you can see it is all 100% true.

  1. Treating politics like a quest for an identity is foolhardy. Either you want to overthrow the capitalists or you don't. The only way to do it is through Marxism.

  2. Marxism is a science. Why would anyone deny it? Dialectical materialism even influenced the ways fields of study like biology, physics, and engineering were pursued in the USSR.

  3. Anarchism has been shown to be a petite bourgeois pursuit by countless Marxist thinkers. Anarchism only hinders socialist revolutions. This youtube video will help you understand as a short introduction, but to truly overcome your condition, you will need to actually read Marx, Lenin, Mao, Stalin and other Marxists.

  1. When we seek solutions to the problem of capitalism, for someone to settle on "anarchism" as a solution would require them to have a petite bourgeois mindset. There's no way for someone who understands dialectical materialism to then see "anarchism" as a solution to capitalism. Rather, it is a furthering of the reactionary capitalist agenda. You must develop an understanding of the material conditions in this society. The concept can be applied on various scales to apply dialectical analysis to all sorts of contradictions within capitalist society. This is the science behind Marxism, something "anarchism" completely ignores in favor of liberal feel-good platitudes.