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An_Old_Big_Tree wrote (edited )

In some senses there might be. Here's an example I'd be interested in hearing people's thoughts on.

Imagine a trust fund kid, whose patriarchal father has put a huge amount of money in their name, but arranged that they only get chunks of it in monthly batches (let's just say $5000 per month). The trust money is legally theirs but they don't have access to anything except that $5000.

That trust fund kid is rich. But they're limited in how they can use that wealth. It's possible that they could use almost all of it to help others, to fund radical projects, as they get that money monthly. Here they remain rich, but they do good things with that money, and they didn't exploit anybody to get it.


redgreenexplosion wrote

Is this a real example? Does anyone know a trust fund kid who cares about the working class?


hermit_dragon wrote

I know people with 6 figs who give away most of it because they believe it's wrong that they have it, yeh. Without one of them, I wouldn't be alive (and a bunch of other folks, too).


hermit_dragon wrote

I mean also I guess I'm technically one of them once my parents pass, even though for now (and for most of my adult life) I'm at 0 income/unemployable - they will be passing their family trust to me, and I will be liquidating that shit and giving it all to community survival. Because keeping it invested is an evil I cannot countenance.