Are the nazi fascists still attacking us? What can I do to help?

Submitted by nic in AskRaddle

Hi, I'm new to this site but I've been hanging around for the past few days. At first, it was very cool, but I started to see nazis post porn and hate speech. How long is this going to last? Can we fight back in any way? Like maybe post the same stuff back to their places? I'm willing to help out in any way possible.


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ziq admin wrote (edited )

No I don't see the point of humoring them by going to 4chan. Also we'd have to wash our eyeballs out with soap if we went there.

It's slowed down a lot, we are taking measures to make sure there will always be people around to deal with brigades.


nic OP wrote

What is this 4chan website? I've never heard of it. But I'm willing to go in and find those users and get them arrested. Plus, can't we just email Google and GoDaddy about those trolls and won't they just take it down like the nazi site they took down?


ziq wrote

Fuck off already.


nic OP wrote

Wait why? I'm really confused. Anyways, I'm going in and gonna get stuff out


ChairmanLOL wrote

The alt-right HATE identification, it stops them in their tracks wherever they go. Can we make it where you need to scan a driver's license or passport to sign up - we don't need to make usernames real names or anything and any identifying information can be SOLELY for the site to have, so we'd still be anonymous day to day!