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throwaway4329892 wrote

I'm using the most secure OS in the market currently (the one that Snowden uses) which is Qubes OS, with a Thinkpad X230.


redacted wrote

How much memory do you have in your X230? Qubes is pretty awesome, but 4GB wasn't really cutting it for my X220 at the time so I've temporarily gone back to using Debian. Have you tried using coldkernel with Qubes?


elyersio wrote

Nice try, Qubes.


elyersio wrote

Alright I'll put it on a cd


SawRaddleOnSlashDot wrote

Since your username contains "Satoshi" I assume you're a fan of Bitcoin. If so, you may like Qubes' Split Bitcoin: to protect your Bitcoin wallet from compromise you split it into an offline "cold storage" wallet in a virtual machine (or Qube in Qubes OS parlance) and an online "watching only" wallet into another separate virtual machine. You can in addition easily set that last VM's network so that you only allow traffic to a Bitcoin node and select merchant sites for example. This compartmentalization approach is Qubes' central philosophy.