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haystacks_ wrote

I'd argue that the majority of poor people living away from their parents frequently live in de facto communal settings.

The last stable place I had was 6 of us in an apartment, as well as 2 children under 3 years old. Maybe half of us worked at a given time. The necessity of the situation meant we had to look out for each other if we wanted to continue living there. We were all friendly with each other, and would frequently cook for everyone living there instead of individually. But we were never each other's primary friends or company. We all did our own thing. Had our own circles. And that's one of the main factors I think really fucks with those attempting to thoughtfully and intentionally engage in communal living. You can't be with the same few people every single minute of every single day: that's prison. At best, y'all are more akin to workplace friends. You have fun with each other, but you don't really see each other outside of work. And do not ever underestimate how much having your own room and door is good for you. Privacy is important.

It sounds kinda cold reading it, but it was a very warm home. Had the slumlords not evicted all of the block, I'd likely still be there. It's not acoustic guitars and organic herb gardens, but for those of us too poor, or too rooted, to disappear to some farm, it's likely the closest thing to a commune as we'll see.