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sagemon wrote

Hitler described his own fascism as "Socialism without the Marxism".. as opposed to the soviet style communism that directly competed with his national socialist party for who would replace their weak social democracy that was failing the people at the time and growing ever more unpopular. Seems a reasonable if simple description.

How did Mussolini describe his own fascism?

Basically it seems to me the original fascists of that day were aligned with socialist principles, but openly believed a totalitarian state was required to impose the system and maintain it.

And they didn't necessarily believe the state should seize and own all the means of production, that it would be counter productive, but that the totalitarian state should have full control over the private owners of those means of production.

The only historical difference in practice from nations who have tried the systems is that fascists don't seize all the private property and means of production, while socialists/communist seize and nationalize private property and means of production. Both have always been inevitably totalitarian with no tolerance for dissent, as all those ideologies inevitably require totalitarian means to ever be realized and achieved.