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zrill wrote (edited )

I do. It's just that since you're a follower of the ideology, you'll justify it any way you can.


jadedctrl wrote

Communism: Stateless, classless, moneyless society. Economic stage following socialism and capitalism.
Facism: Authoritarian, super-nationalistic, conservative form of government operating with capitalism.

They're pretty different.


ziq wrote

I'm not a communist. I'm an anarchist. But you clearly think the USSR was communist when it wasn't.


zrill wrote

Who said anything about the USSR? Idc if you're an anarchist. You still sympathize with ideology rather you admit or not. It's also typical of someone like you to say the USSR wasn't communism. You aren't professor or an accurate source. Just because the USSR wasn't a stateless society doesn't mean they weren't communists.

You just need to keep telling yourself that.


negativezero wrote

This is a logical fallacy. Ziq doesn't need to be a professor to make a reasoned argument or to make and support a claim. He doesn't need to justify by any other method than logically.

Saying communism as a response to this thread about fascism is a rather blatant tell. It tells us your level of understanding of communism and that in this particular circumstance the best you could be referring to is any one of the supposed "communist experiments" as opposed to the philosophy itself. It doesn't really matter which one of the "experiments" the USSR was just the most likely.

Things have definitions for a reason. Why none of these experiments qualified as communist is simple. They did not meet the very definitions laid out in the philosophy. Having said that, on point to this thread, in Marxist philosophies, statelessness doesn't come until the end and it is but one of many basic ideas/tenants that would need to be checked against for something to qualify.

Anarchism demands both the maximization of liberty and socialism in equal measure as well as anti-hierarchy. The Anarchist perspective is that without these, no communism will ever exist or succeed nor will any other concept of society philosophical or political.


jadedctrl wrote

Just because the USSR wasn't a stateless society doesn't mean they weren't communists.

They also didn't meet either of the other prerequisites for a communist society: moneyless & classless. The Soviet Union wasn't either of those.
And sure, they were communist in name. North Korea is a democratic republic in name. What does it matter?