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n_n wrote

There are dozens of us... DOZENS!


StrongerThanEvil wrote

I really have no idea.

But I'm pretty sure there's at least one.


Basil wrote

I know one or two other than myself, but there are probably thousands or even millions worldwide, and even more if you consider those who hold anarchist views but don't call themselves anarchists.


videl wrote

enough to do something maybe


shanc wrote

You only need one to do something

More fun with two of course


Pop wrote

Subscriptions to r/anarchism probably have little-to-no significance for judging how many anarchists exist.

People subscribe to things for many reasons, and we can assume that many subscribers are no longer active on reddit

Popular internet and reddit in particular is a shit place for anarchists to organise, we should expect internet anarchists to be largely people with shitty middle class jobs in the global north who have time in front of a computer to kill

People who are making things, working in factories, farming, and generally not limited to accessing the world through a computer, probably largely don't give half a shit about reddit's anarchist sub.

Finally, reddit's anarchist sub is in english, not all languages, and that will affect things in many ways


southerntofu wrote

TL;DR We are many millions.

I've met at least a thousand anarchist throughout my life, and had serious talks with a few hundred. I'm sure to meet thousands more.

But please understand most anarchists don't hang out on anarchist forums, either because they don't use the Internet at all, or because they try to keep a presentable face to Big Brother. It's easier to secretly burn shit if you're not affiliating your public identity to anarchist ideals.

Likewise, most anarchists would never join a platformist organization. If you're counting those, you'll find tens of thousands of anarchists worldwide (maybe more). But 95% of anarchists are members of autonomous collectives and unions and therefore cannot be counted like that.

I feel like many people here found out about anarchism through the Internet and therefore expect cyberspace to be a home to anarchist communities worldwide. I'm not judging: there's many good resources out there, and any way to get people questioning oneself and their surroundings is good to take. But this experience is a tiny minority within the tiny minority ;)


toohere wrote (edited )

I did some math a little while a go to look into this. I tried to calculate an estimate of how many there are in the US as follows:

135,000 Reddit subscriptions to r/Anarchism x ((0.58 Reddit users are US based + 0.075 Internet users are US based)/2) / (0.04 Americans us Reddit) = ~1,105,313 US based anarchists (very rough estimate)

That is about 1 in ever 300 Americans

That is just my best guess. Opinions?

(edit: this guess is the average of an estimated range. The range is 253,125 - 1,957,500 US based anarchists)


nbdy OP wrote

Seems excessively high tbh, perhaps the /r/anarchism users diverge from the average reddit nationality user metrics. Also, your math is a bit off. Going off those numbers there’s 78,300 US based subscriptions to /r/anarchism. And I imagine an amount of those are not anarchists. Your other factors I don’t really understand. Are you thinking that because 0.04% of Americans use reddit they will see that sub and identify with anarchism?


Splinglebot wrote

say there are x US based anarchists, what they're saying is that because 4% of Americans use reddit, x * 0.04 = the number of US-based anarchists that use reddit. So if you find the number of US based anarchists on reddit and divide this by 0.04 you'll get an approximation for the total number of anarchists in america.


shanc wrote (edited )

1,105,313 US based anarchists

IWW has a few thousand members in the US. Black Rose has half of that. AJODA/Fifth Estate etc had at their peak a few thousand subscribers each, prob the same few thousand subscribing to all of them. The average bookfair is attended by a few hundred people. I'd guess the figure is closer to 10,000 than 1,000,000.


Splinglebot wrote

hey I know like 3 too, maybe they're the same 3


Belial wrote

meh, in france i'll say hundreds as far as i know


lori wrote

Definitely more when you consider AL alone is hundreds


Belial wrote

I know only them to be really active. There's also FA but they don't seem to be very active anymore, and CGA (but they united with AL recently into UCL). Besides this, there's also loners like me who are really difficult to quantify


southerntofu wrote

In France there's orders of magnitude more than that.

There's hundreds living on ZADs, thousands living in squats, dozens of thousands living on communes hundreds of thousands (millions?) who don't live in communities.


rot wrote



0.0 3 ?


Ant wrote (edited )

edit: still guessing, uh, if anticapitalists are 10% of the world and anarchists are 3% of anticapitalists,

7 000 000 000 x .1

= 700 000 000 anticapitalists

x .03

= 21 million anarchists

Not sure if I actually can do math though


Majrelende wrote (edited )

On Raddle, f/Anarchism has 1,542 accounts. I imagine that includes a few alts, as well as some overlap with r/Anarchism on Reddit, which has 139,846 accounts at the time of writing. If we assume that there are as many anarchists not using Reddit as there are people who do not claim to be anarchist on r/Anarchism and that half of those who call themselves anarchists are not, that means there are probably at least 70,000 anarchists in the world. However, this is probably only a tiny fraction of the actual number of anarchists in existence.

If any of my assumptions seemed wrong, please point them out, and if there are any other social media platforms I should check, please tell me.


6c_6f_76_65 wrote

I know seven pseudo anarchists. We are not textbook strong anarchists but I feel we do some good in our local community. We are simple and focus on low hanging fruit.