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ziq wrote

Civilization. It'll take the Earth millions of years to recover from it, if it ever does. The Earth could end up looking like Mars when we're done with it.


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Basil OP wrote

Honestly that's my hope. It may be selfish, but I hope humanity goes extinct right after I die. Otherwise we're just gonna bring down the planet with us, and that's the worst outcome.


eltrkbrd wrote (edited )

अविद्यास्मितारागद्वेषाभिनिवेशाः पञ्च क्लेशाः॥३॥

Ontogenetic crippling

Paul Shepard's term for the emotional and spiritual stunting that results from growing up in a civilization at war with nature and afraid of close contact with anything wild. An example would be socialising hordes of people to be impulsive consumers, thereby strengthening their least mature tendencies while curtailing their capacity for critical thought.



Majrelende wrote (edited )

A cultish faith in things such as statism, capitalism, compromise, and “green industry” to save humanity from itself. Humans, at least in civilised society, often seem ignore the most obvious solutions to problems in favour of making up something new which will quite certainly save us from whatever problem we created before without actually addressing why the problem exists in the first place.


SomeIconoclast wrote (edited )

People have this bizarre inclination towards serving ideas. Which I normally wouldn't really care about, but they also do it en masse and typically use a combination of force, manipulation, and violence to do so. Whether it's to advance civilization, "western values", communism, capitalism, or whatever other abstract idea that people will whip themselves into a frenzy over; this mass of people will commit any atrocity that they can think of so long as it advances the idea. And they'll use the idea to justify it as they always have.

TLDR; the biggest threat is zeal and the mass-empowered authority that it brings with it.


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SomeIconoclast wrote

MAGA not an idea tis a feeling

Ideas and feelings are not mutually exclusive; What do you think MAGA refers to? It refers to the ideal America that Trump's base wants to return to; nostalgia of an America in which they were prosperous. Use of "feelings" as an appeal are present in all forms of political thought. Anarchists, socialists, fascists, and tankies can be driven by anger and often are. MAGA is an idea, an abstraction that each of its adherents cling to. There's also the fact that the MAGA folks aren't the only people I'm referring to here.


shanc wrote

Fascism is an almost immediate danger where I live, but climate catastrophe makes even that look like nothing.