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Enkara wrote (edited )

Target practice with our AK's


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[deleted] wrote (edited by a moderator )


BlackFlagged wrote (edited )

Tranquilizer darts and a drive out into the woods.


elchololoco wrote

Strap them down, dose them with scopolomine, hypnotically program them MKULTRA-style with suggestions like "burn Wall Street to the ground" and "kill all masters", waterboard them for good measure, and let 'em loose.


Tequila_Wolf wrote

I dunno what a meatspace is.

Oh, I just figured it out.

Ummm, totally depends on context, but presumably the underlying objective would be getting them out of there as safely (for yourself and other non-nazis).as possible.


PoisonDartFrog wrote

With force. It's the only way to ensure we maintain freedom of association. If they're constantly coming in to yell abuse at us like this, they need to be punched.


amongstclouds wrote

It's hard to make a generalization about the proper way to deal with all instances such as this. Every situation is different and has to be handled as personally as possible, with emphasis on de-escalation; mindfulness; and empathy -- except where violence becomes necessary for self-defense.