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ConfettiEggnog wrote

So I say that your political system of doing business has lead to starvation. And that is something, because an economical system I don't necessarily endorse has also lead in some cases to starvation.

What is that something you were trying to say?


ziq wrote (edited )

My political system (anarchism) has never led to starvation. State capitalism has led to starvation. Capitalism has led to starvation. Neoliberalism has led to starvation. Feudalism has led to starvation. Monarchy has led to starvation. Anarchy has never denied food to anyone.

Quite the opposite in fact:


ConfettiEggnog wrote

I checked. There is no action from those in Puerto Rico. But capitalists going for profits have sent food and water on ships built with the sole goal to make a profit.

I agree that your sort of anarchism has not lead directly to starvation. But that is the natural consequence. There are no roads, no big ships, medicine. I doubt there can be a med school in that sort of system. Or buildings more complex than some drafty wooden cabin.