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________deleted wrote

Imagine a state where people actually have autonomy in their own homes and communities to build things however they see fit? And then this very complex system of small nodes of local governance is also connected with and supports more specialized nodes that deal with larger areas of either social organization or real estate, and the people in these nodes aren't necessarily reporting to every person in that area, but to the people most actively involved in the local nodes? And the whole thing is connected in information space by our various modern communications technologies, so there's already a level of connectivity there that was never possible until now.

That's the democracy I would support.


ConfettiEggnog wrote

How about dropping all that hierarchy and just

Make individuals responsible?

In real life you break a window while playing football, you pay for it. It does not matter if someone else does it for you and for what reasons. The guy with the window gets his stuff replaced.

So if the elected officials vote for something and that something overcharges, doesn't get made, whatever, they should pay for it.