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Organizations like WoW guilds or Discord servers or reddit subs have built-in structures like admins and moderators (with powers to access the funds and to remove users from the community). Imagine you are founding one right now: What systems would you put in place to create a situation where authority isn't created and that also limits the risk of trolling?



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gonko wrote

create a federation of servers, and let each admin handle the moderation locally. in this way, different flavors of moderation can exist side by side, and users can chose which node to use (the one with which policies they most agree with), or they can found their own node. moderation by voting creates oppression of minorities, just like in real life "democracy", no moderation at all creates communities full of spam and disgusting shit, so moderation is needed. if you want to avoid hierachies, you have to start with the technical infrastructure and enable everybody to roll his/her own server.



Majrelende wrote (edited )

It might be acceptable to implement vote moderation, where after a certain point, one or more older users could decide that the newer person is not a troll, and therefore, that they can, with the support of a few other people, mark a comment as a ToS breach or whatever the site has; other such users could negate these marks to prevent trolling. However, after two ToS-breach marks, the comment would have a countdown to deletion time, which would hasten as more marks accumulated or slow and disappear as more negations are made, preventing too much abuse.

I hope this is not too much of a gerontocracy, but maybe it is; if there are any more problems, please criticise harshly.