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xorxorxorxor wrote

Very sick and tired for having to do a job I never desired just so I don't end up with no food :(


sudo wrote

Same here; it's gotten so bad and repetitive that I can't get a peaceful night's sleep because I'm working in my dreams.


ziq wrote

Cringing at the "nazis deserve a voice too" liberalism in the comments of slashdot's raddle story.


rapper wrote

watching Jerry Seinfeld on colbert and i think he's boring. I watched his new special and i thought that was boring too. A new good comedian is Theo Von.


ziq wrote (edited )

He's always been a bore. Larry David is the interesting one.


jouissance wrote

Bit over a year late on this one, but I'm just really struggling and trying to stave off the overwhelming desire of wanting to die on a daily basis.


ChairmanLOL wrote

Not 100% to be honest. A girl i thought i was seeing started seeing someone else and basically laughed in my face when i cried to her asking what i did wrong. Apparently talking every day and 2 dates doesn't count for anything. She even goes to the same slam poetry club i like to spend my free time at so i have to stop going to that. I'm such a fucking cuck.