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celebratedrecluse wrote (edited )

no, anarchists and leftists in general are some of the most drama-soaked, petty, passive-aggressive fuckers I've ever met. Major roadblock to organizing & collaboration is all the interpersonal bullshit, sublimated traumas and hierarchical conditioning, abusive people refusing to acknowledge and combat their toxic tendencies, all sorts of dangers really. Only saving grace is that lolbertarians and the far-right are even worse across the board, so they have a hard time organizing street level stuff compared to leftists. But tbf, neither of the broad coalitions (revolutionaries & reactionaries) has anywhere near the strength to actually liberate/occupy neighborhoods in most parts of the world I'm familiar with. The state reigns supreme, on a tactical level in part because of ridiculous dysfunction socially within their opponents-- not due to overwhelming technological superiority, or a supposed competence. They just exploit and widen the inherent fissures that aren't getting addressed anyway. Psychological warfare is real, and the police use it all the time to distract and control the narrative. They're not even that good at it, but they just don't have to be, given the weak forces arrayed against them.


ziq wrote

I think being a leftist means someone can feel better about their selfishness and hate by convincing themselves they're above it.


turtles wrote (edited )

Yes I do, and I'm going by the mainstream generic definition of "left", ie environmentalist, animal rights, equal rights for EVERYONE (not extra rights). The basis of being left is sacrifice for somone or something being oppressed out of pure empathy, actual give a shit about others. Forgot to add that maybe not less hateful.. We can all be angry. If that anger is just or not isa matter of opinion. I try not to be angry but doesn't work so well lol.