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not_AFX_lol OP wrote

i suppose i have something for this... wasn't sure if I should still post it but if we're bringing this thread back might as well, yes?

anyway, I was with a few friends for a week-long event, during school. One morning, we all start getting texts and whatnot from our friends back at school. Evidently, there was a gas leak (our school was under renovation and the construction company had apparently bumped a main), and the administration had been forced to evacuate everyone in the building to a nearby church. After an hour or so, emergency services determined that the level of methane in the school was zero, and that it was safe for students and staff to return to the building.

What nobody had evidently considered, however, was that the sulfide gas (the smelly part of natural gas) had not been fully removed, and a significant part of the school still smelled of rotten eggs. Indeed, there was still enough residual gas to cause symptoms of hydrogen sulfide poisoning in students and staff alike, and as more and more people reported sick to the nurses' office, more and more kids (and teachers) decided it wasn't worth hanging around and left. By the end of the day, all the classes were mostly empty.

Almost everybody on the affected side of the school reported headaches or nausea, many students vomited, some passed out, and a few were treated by EMTs out front in an ambulance. One teacher suffered a severe asthma attack and was taken to the hospital.

Classes were never cancelled and the school actively denied that anyone had been hospitalized that day; on the contrary, student rumors on social media spread like wildfire and made it difficult for my friends and I to actually figure out what the fuck happened.

so that was probably the main thing.