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Defasher wrote (edited )

First of all, 8 billion people aren't going to have equal access to iphones, macbook pros and VR headsets. It'll just be people in affluent parts of the world, and the third world will continue to be exploited to produce that tech. Why would African kids want to mine your phones if they had the choice? If they were given all the luxuries you have, no way would they choose to go back to the mine.

Second, "lifechanging technologies" is right. Technologies that will make us less human and less connected to the Earth are not going to help anyone.


Chomskyist wrote

But we don't need kids to work the mines if we have full automation, robots will do it and the kids will be able to go to school.


Defasher wrote

And when those kids finally get their fancy PhDs and look up from their desks to see that their lands are now decimated by giant robots making cellphones and tablets for white people who live half way across the world, what then?