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throwaway wrote (edited )

I had a period in my life where I was very caught up by this question: who is in control?. It ate me up, used all my energy for a good while, I read a good deal of books and spent every evening searching around the internet. I didn't end up with an answer, but I found something better that gave me peace.

It doesn't matter who's in control. It doesn't matter who sits at the top of the throne, because one thing is sure: "often filth sits upon the throne - and often the throne upon filth, too". No matter who comprises the inner circle of power, one thing is sure: nobody should hold such power!

We are all born with an inherent right to freedom, to make our own lives ours, and that right is violated the very moment we arrive in this world. It is not the people in power we should target, but the power itself. Let go of obsessive, complex analyzing, the answer is quite simple in the end, as most good things often are.