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Articuno wrote

Ice Cube


rot wrote

he was great in NWA, afterward his pace slowed a bit but musically he's just as good as ever


ziq OP wrote

Bananas, tomatoes, mango, dog food


yaaqov wrote (edited )

A bag of trash, mostly comprising food-soiled plastic waste; my dad cooks 90% from unpackaged vegetables and grains, so it accumulates really slowly, and then he puts it in a neighbor’s rubbishbin.

Also, a copper plate, which cools stuff more quickly when said stuff is put atop. This is primarily for experiments.


daniel wrote

ice cubes/trays

frozen pops (colored sugar water) for the youngins'

frozen juice cans (for breakfast beverages for guests)

lots of chicken and pork, and a few beef livers

one of those plastic gel filled frozen lunch pack cooler things


Catsforfun wrote (edited )

a skinned snake

idk whose it is