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We want to increase our exposure and regularly debunk myths surrounding the camp while we are reporting out here, so we're considering making scheduled stream from the frontlines. I am ready to use OBS, and I'm considering buying a private hosting service over free services due to ads, content control, and accessibility.

We want to expose the police and CGL for their invasion/destruction.

If we don't find a good service, we'll just do a podcast. :)


So it looks like we have decided on a bi-weekly 30 min podcast. Look forward to our first episode on August 1, and every other thursday @ 6 PM (-08 GMT)!

I will post a more detailed page on it soon!

Update 2:

It is published,



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mofongo wrote

I think it's a good idea, I would use both the private service and YouTube, as rot mentioned. YouTube obviously for the higher audience, but because you would be reporting state abuse you would have to test how much you can get away with without having the video taken down and the private service as an uncensored version.


rot wrote

like recording or broadcasting?


rot wrote

youtube seems to have better livestreaming than facebook and the only strictly-for-streaming site I know of is twitch which was made for gamers