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AnarchoSpook wrote (edited )

This can very well change over the long course of human development, but right now I think nuclear power is inextricably linked to centralized management. Putting the environmental impacts aside, I don't even think the infrastructure and logistics can be run directly democratically. Nuclear power plants are basically concentrated energy output facilities. They need to be connected to a huge electricity grid designed to distribute energy from the centres to the peripheries--see the problem here? Another issue being—again, disregarding the very significant environmental consequences—the extraction and processing of nuclear ores, which require their own facilities. These are, if you ask me, breeding grounds for technocratic structures & high specialization of labour.


ziq wrote

Humans aren't capable of managing it.


rot wrote

nuclear power as in fission powered steam turbines?

not under anarchism most likely. too resource heavy, too environmentally dangerous, probably requires a hierarchy to run


heckthepolice2 wrote

With monkey wrenches and molotovs


kore wrote

good luck explaining that one to the victims of fallout


heckthepolice2 wrote

Didn't mean it literally in the sense of "we should burn down active nuclear power plants without regard as to the dangers of radiation," just more in the sense of, "we should militantly resist and sabotage attempts to expand and continue the nuclear industry" but yeah I can see how the way I phrased that wasn't great


kore wrote

I think there needs to be a serious response to the question of an environmentally conscious way of dismantling existing nuclear infrastructure. Beyond that, no nuclear pls