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shanc wrote

When you meet someone who you might like to be friends with, make an effort. Swap numbers etc. Don't just say bye and secretly hope you see them again.


Catsforfun wrote

whenever someone calls me when they are pooping, i know they are my friend


6c_6f_76_65 wrote

I volunteer at food kitchens, community hospitals, and I cook for people who are friends of friends that need help.

I make sure to only volunteer when I can see a direct impact. So, I don't volunteer to do paper work or tasks that take me away from people. I may drive someone to surgery, stay, and then drive them home. I am then able to have conversation with people. Most people tend to stay in touch or want to turn around and do something for you. That in turn is how I have built a lot of my current friendships.


An_Old_Big_Tree wrote

95% of my friendships come from me showing up in a radical space/event and putting effort into making that space better, coming to be seen by individuals I have affinity with (over time), and then building projects with them.


JayGrym wrote

Online gaming has helped me make friends. I met an interesting dude on Waframe yesterday and we talked on discord for awhile then played Sea of Thieves. Gaming is a good start (if you like games anyway) because you both already have that game you both like. Really find a meet up spot for people that have the same hobby as you and you'll likely find more common ground. And the friendship grows from there.


Johnconor wrote

I think normally when we find interest in each other


curiousanarchist49 wrote

Good philosophical and pertinent uplift when a answer that works is provided. Problem is I don't know if I have your answer I can say from my heart this community is not just another cold cyber site it is people their is secrecy we like that to protect all us comrades I admire American history,friendly people,church believe it or not, I am a believer in Christ, and I like tenets of the 1st international when anarcgistic thinking proved not barbaric before even the syndicalist of the 2nd international. As far as 3rd, dictatorship even in guide of helping common people is not a real good iption for the free minded wherever they be on the political spectrum (conservative to ultra liberal or old fashioned but useful labor union politics to new encouraging coalitions of family communities villages cities that build a more caring human future that doesn't settle for fair instead tries bringing out unique strengths gifts talents whether writing print press organic farms at private residence or co housing Aquarian light villages of families and many peaceful anarchists proving itscnit boring to till land , take care of the children,love your partner, and participate in social events a capitalist city wouldn't be able to afford. Like nearly free movies like international worker teacher exchanges where being a guest is not a derisive act but a nice honor. We are the rainbow socialistic non socialists who tend to find open air markets (even like the bazaars in middle east),and farmers and co up farmer members all being socially same level. We don't believe Christ wanted us to be humble once a year but to offer foot washing food shelter to any (provided they are not severely disturbed e.g. violent)regardless of season that like gospel is doable helpful radical and NEW . I encourage you to embrace those you get a non aggressive and maybe a friendly vibe from as potential allies coworkers and entrepreneurs of a new enterprise well a important aspect of anyway. Who knows join together you may have more friends real non gossipy non hollywoody non trivial friends than ever namaste shalom peace pazie


AnarchoSpook wrote

Depends on where you live, but I usually meet a lot of people in squats during organized events.