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I'm going into high school in a couple months, and I've been doing a lot of thinking about the future. I'd prefer not to live with my parents (for a variety of reasons) and I live in an expensive as fuck area.

Basically, is there any way I can find or track communes? They don't have to be local.



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Cheeks wrote

Co-housing or coop housing may be more prevelant where you are? I have lived in warehouses with around 20 other people before, similar but more urban centric. Also check squats in your area if there are any, but ne weary, often there is a lot of drug culture and addiction in some of these environments.


Cheeks wrote

Just to give you an idea I'm gonna leave this link here:

You can do this yourself.while you are younger and not need to worry to much about comfort and people will do this with you. As we get older we want these environments to be more multi generational which presents a whole new set of challenges. A 55 year old in the south is gonna need air condition ING more so than a 24 year old per say. This is also in a relatively small college town and it lasted for over a decade and breaking housing laws the entire time. Be smart about it and you can build beautiful things.


mofongo wrote (edited )

I found one using Facebook.

Long answer was i searching for anarchism in my country, which led me to a group's name, which led me to their Facebook page, then I found out about their commune.


Asshat_Anarchist wrote

Lots of googling. I live in a pretty rural area so the majority of communes are that stereotypical sixties pot farm. The really annoying thing is that they're kind of sort of actually really gentrified and supporting "The man" man. The difference between them and a home owners association is that everyone is required to farm now.

Hopefully you will find a more legit one in your region.


celebratedrecluse wrote

Would recommend that all minors be careful about traveling alone. Be aware that many places may not admit you into housing because of the potential consequences for the entire group if anything bad happened to you, among other reasons. I would highly recommend reaching out online & in person to develop a comprehensive rapport with the people you live with before you expect to be able to pull off finding housing with them. You don't want to live with people who don't have your best interests at heart, or who have other socialization problems which could put you in an undesirable or unsafe situation.

Be careful and good luck


chokingvictim OP wrote

Oh, I'm not going anytime soon. This is mainly to avoid my parents as soon as I'm 18. Thank you anyways, recluse!


shanc wrote (edited )

[Edited] No squat/housing co-op/intentional community is going to take in an unaccompanied minor

If your home situation is that bad and you are legally a child then your only options are living with other relatives or in some kind of state childrens home. When you're [legally recognised as an adult] your options are wider


chokingvictim OP wrote

Oh, I'm not going anytime soon. This is mainly to avoid my parents as soon as I'm 18. I just really don't get along with them and I doubt I'll go to college, this is basically my backup.