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ploopt wrote

I don't feel like I've reprogrammed shit. I'm just another broken person who has shallow, alienated relationships, sits in front of screens, and gets their food from the supermarket.


Catsforfun wrote

for me, that I am deserving of consent & respect and identifying when someone is abusing me. That's fucking hard.


rot wrote (edited )

for most people the idea that money and by extention capitalism is natural is the hardest to get rid of


Incognito OP wrote

Do you have any pointers on how you solved this?

I feel like a failure and a hypocrite. Both of my parents are in declining health, they have limited funds, and I feel like I need to step up and plug that fiscal gap. However, this makes me work harder and then I feel disappointed with myself because I don't know when I can 'safely' step out of the rat race. Of course the more I work the more I neglect my health, my garden, eating healthy, and how can I even openly discuss being an anarchist when I am brazenly feeding the machine.


rot wrote

Solving the idea that capitalism is natural? Know that life existed before capitalism, remember that another world is possible


ego_mutt wrote

Hmm I'd say trying to win everyone's respect. Or the idea that everything in life has to be earned, that nothing is/should be given.


Pop wrote

I'm worse at remembering names and faces of people from other cultures and races than I am my own and I don't like that

but pretty much all of it is hard


br_md wrote

Generally being competitive and wanting to win at everything.