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ziq wrote

A vicious all-consuming hatred of authority in all its guises.


An_Old_Big_Tree wrote

Loads of things did.

Here's one. One day I was hanging out in a foreign city and looking for a vegan meal. Turns out one of the places I could get that was a local anarchist infoshop. It sounded intriguing and I'd liked some Chomsky I'd heard on youtube so I thought I'd go in. The person behind the counter was very good at expressing anarchist ideas, and that caused me to spend a lot more time in the infoshop.


Green_Mountain_Makhno wrote

2015 brought me to the anti-capitalist far left, but I didn't know enough to know what made the most sense to me. The ABC's of socialism was one of my first reads, but I read everything I could get my hands on. Reading about black bloc formations in Portland defending people from fascists and police brought me hard to anarchism. Dove into history and theory from there - starting off with Goldman, Malatesta, & Kropotkin, and moving on to Renzo Novatore, Serafina, and the actions of Makhno, Sabate, CCF/FAI.... It's been a wild ride.


CaptainACAB wrote

I started calling myself an anarchist at my early teens because I found that the bilateral "choice" between Democrats and Republicans too limiting (I'm an American if it wasn't apparent). I was basically an ancap for awhile because I knew fuck all about economics, socialism, and such; I just hated cops, the state, and social norms. Then I read up a bit on Corporate Personhood for my High School and hated corporations, too. Then I listened to various anti-capitalist arguments and a few years later, I'm here. The one key thought that brought me to anarchism was a deconstruction on the cynical justification of authority: If humans are too evil to live without laws and the state, why would we give a few people power over many?


rot wrote

i searched anarchism out because it was anti-oppression/ anti-authority/ anti-hierarchy


Blackbeard wrote

I read Abbie Hoffman's Steal This Book in high school, then all his other books. The ideas resonated with me, and I got hooked on the general anti-authoritarianism expressed throughout. I don't think it was until freshman year of college, however, that I actually began identifying as an anarchist. Nothing much changed, I just had a word to sum up most of my ideas and feelings.