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ziq wrote

Tortoise because peaceful, chill, awesome.


LongLiveTheQueen wrote

Dragon, it is not real and I can make them into whatever I can imagine.


JayGrym wrote

Raccoons. They're smart and I dig their look lol when I was a kid they jacked all our food once when we were camping


Tequila_Wolf wrote

One of my friends, because they're sweet and kind and good and cool and cute!


hasbrochem wrote

liopleurodon because they were awesome


mustard wrote

i saw "Leoplurodon" tagged on a fence recently , next to "infinte expansion" . i guessed it was make -believe but now have to look it up!


ratbum wrote

I have a few that I like for different reasons.
Bats - Social animals that exhibit altruism among other desirable traits - also they can fly and there's the whole vampire association. Spiders - It's just incredible the amount of things they're capable of doing with web. Bridges, tunnels, gliders, wrapped presents and even kinky sex.
Horseshoe crab - It's just wild that something like this even exists still.


mustard wrote

no favorites . i really like every one, can't comparatively evaluate them like that.

finding a salamander always helps to feel some serenity. the seem so content and fearless . once we saw a giant one , about 2 feet long, in the middle of the night , up in the mountains, while really high on mushrooms. the next day, swimming, we felt like amphibians under water.


Yowww wrote

Don't like animals


pluckypunk wrote

Deinonychus, it was the first real dinosaur toy I played with as a kid. It was one of the Definitely Dinosaurs line from the 80s. I was also gifted a replica fossil of one of the tow claws. It sparked my fascination not only with Deinonychus, but also with dinosaurs in general. I spent a large part of my youth poring over dinosaurs books and obsessing over artistic renderings, hoping one day I might see one. Impossible for sure, but kids don't understand impossible.

TLDR - Deinonychus, nostalgia


meo wrote

Capybara, mostly because I think they're super cute. Also I like their fairly relaxed attitude.


aCuteLittleBox wrote

bunnies. They're cute and soft and fluffy and soft and cute and aaaaaaaaaaa