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hasbrochem wrote (edited )

There are plenty of communists here. I think the forum you're looking for which would fit you best is f/tankiesgonnatank


Mao OP wrote

I am banned for posting communist.


hasbrochem wrote

You're posting just fine, f/tankiesgonnatank would love your memes


Mao OP wrote


hasbrochem wrote

Sorry can't view capitalist run imgur, try something better hahahaha


Splinglebot wrote

no, you just don't get it, u/Mao is the only real anticapitalist here


hasbrochem wrote

Oooooohhhhh, thanks! I was just confused, maybe they have a summer a camp I can attend for re-education.


fabianhjr wrote

Hey, I consider myself mostly a Council Communist / Left Communist, we are defintley welcome here but you just went on spamming. :/


snake wrote

No. Only anarcho-capitalists are allowed on this web dot site.


thekraken wrote (edited )

Anarcho-communists are also a thing, and there's some around here.


sudo wrote

We are, but the userbase is heavily anarchist. Prepare to be heavily mocked and downvoted whenever you say anything positive about communism. We really need a separate website like this just for communists.