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Cheeks wrote (edited )

I always had really silly idols growing up. Bobcat Golwaith. C. C. Deville (the guitar player from that shitty band Poison)

If they were obnoxious I thought they were cool.

As far as idols now... Its those wielding milkshakes, shutting down pipelines, torching cops and thier cars, etc...


hasbrochem wrote

the genie from aladdin. they were a slave but still were fucking badass (to a kid).

now: no one in particular, there are moments of various people's lives that I take inspiration from but the closest thing to an idol right now might be my daughter. found out she's friends with the kids at school no one else wants to play with and she dgaf. not only that but some boy bit her the other day and she fucking knocked him on his ass. she insists on wearing dresses but doesn't let that stop her from climbing trees, playing in the mud and just having a good time. she's not even eight and already tough as nails but nice as can be, until someone's not nice to her. definitely a proud papa.


ziq wrote (edited )

As a kid: Teddy Ruxpin, Winston from the Real Ghostbusters, Raphael from TMNT, David the Gnome, Batman.

Teenager: Caine from Kung Fu, Enid from Ghost World, Daria, Benjamin Sisko from Trek Ds9, Mike Judge, Trey Parker.

20s: Dwayne McDuffie, Alan Moore, Ed Brubaker, Alexander Supertramp, Omar Little, Bonnot Gang, Lucy Parsons, Emma Goldman.

Now: no one.


Cheeks wrote

You become more and more perplexing. I already appreciate you for who you are but this is a bit unexpected. You can expect jokes regarding the 4noble truths and 8 fold path. Forewarned. Lol


Mao wrote

Mao Zedong, Xi Jinping.


n_n wrote


I would suggest laughable, clownish, foolish, clueless, obnoxious, etc. I'm trying to make awareness about ableist language. ^__^