How to get the girl I like?

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Ill try to keep this short.

Started liking a girl I've gone to school with for the last 13 years but never talked to, about a month ago. Aked her to prom like a week and a half before prom. She seemed excited and was enthusiastic. I asked her to hang out at the mall and we went and spent like 4 hours talking. She then told her friends (mostly guys) that she had a ton of fun. Im not in that friend group, but am friendly with them. They told me she had a ton of fun and to keep it up. We hung out like two more times, and had lots of fun. Im not good a relationship stuff, so I didn't make any moves, or make it as obvious as I thought it wa that I liked her. She then bailed like 4 times in a row, asking to reschedule and sort of following through. I would ask her to hang out and she would be like yeah I will after I do this. Then she texts me saying she's at the mall with a guy friend or what not, and I get pissed inside, because im jealous of her friend, and I wanted to go with her to the mall I guess. This happened twice. I really wanted to clear the confusion before prom, but if she doesn't like me back, I would be stuck with going anyways. I asked her if she wanted tp go to the after party and she said yes because her guy friends will be there. She didn't say it was because she wanted to go with me. I asked if she was gonna drink, knowing she doesn't like to and she said yes that she is maybe gonna smoke and drink, she knows I've never smoked and suggested I never try it.

Basically, I really like this girl and am getting mixed signals. Im not good with realtionships, never been in one, and want one with this girl if it works out.

What do I do?


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mofongo wrote

No mixed signals there, she's not into you. Give each other space and try to move on.