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Why is "forum list by category" not the default? There are not yet too many topics to display them all, but there are already too many to iterate page-by-page. We are growing old, and the earth is dying too fast for that bullshit. Could the topic descriptions be loaded to activate with mouseover on the category list? The page-by-page list could still be appropriate for a slow-browse, but could it be streamlined and/or use "endless-scroll"? (endless-scroll, as per the Reddit Enhancement Suite)

Could the "Old Reddit" layout be applied, or at least copied to a large extent? There are over 1 million subreddits, but Reddit is still so much quicker and easier to navigate, find topics, and interact (at least before censorship and blocking of Tor). With a much smaller scope, Raddle should be even easier to use than Reddit. Can it be so?

Why no sidebars of topic categories?



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surreal wrote

just get reddit out of your system, it's a company with hundreds of workers that wants to make money, ofc it would seek ways to be more appealing to the masses and advertisers.

raddle/Postmill is a work of volunteers, mainly two peeps, and for me it already does way more that i would require to be happy.


abbycadabra wrote

it's a company with hundreds of workers that wants to make money

That doesn't mean the design is bad. (Actually I do think reddit design is bad but not because it's a corporation.)


sutongu wrote

this site it beautiful just the way it is


evenalder OP wrote

Old-reddit is FOSS.

One click to open all photos in a topic, in-line?


abbycadabra wrote

Are you donating time and/or money to the project? Ideas are taken better if you are.