How do you deal with your past mistakes?

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There’s a lot to read about how to support people who have been victimized, and if one has been victimized there is generally things that can be done for yourself. These are very important things to focus on, but sometimes we’re on the other end.
When you’ve treated somebody poorly and realized it later, or been called out for shitty behaviour how have you handled it?
Also, if you’ve been wronged what do you wish from the person(s)?
This can also be a discussion about accountability, which seems to be a pretty formalized process a lot of the time. How can anarchists do accountability?


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Tequila_Wolf wrote

In my case when I've made mistakes I've spent the rest of my life actively trying to do better and to make up for it.


rot wrote

that was past me. present me will do better.


[deleted] wrote (edited )


nbdy OP wrote

This a great and informative article. Definitely touches on some key points. I find the part on mutual abuse particularly interesting as that seems to always be how things are framed, regardless of the truth of the matter