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hermit_dragon wrote (edited )

It is the wierdest shit cause okay my parents for most of my life have been the shitty white liberals right? Dad was born in 1939 and served during the cold war, and mom is a second wave feminist boomer. Often well meaning but ughhhhhh the un-examined class privilege and intellectual privilege and misogyny and white supremacy. The kind of folks that would be appalled if you told them how racist they are. You know? Who support 'the gays' but thought bisexuality wasn't real. Who 'appreciate' Black and Indigenous culture >_>. Who always thought I 'put myself at risk' by hanging out with homeless folks, outcasts, and weirdos, and warned me not to share what I have with others too freely.

But Ill give them this - they seem to take fascism seriously, and they are the kind of people who try to keep learning and growing, it turns out. I didn't speak to them for years for a lot of reasons, but when the world was more on fire than ever I got back in touch, idk they're old and not going to be around for much longer.

But I wasn't going to play any bullshit games anymore, and have contact on my terms. So I was pretty honest about everything I'm doing now in response to what's happening in the world. They surprised the hell out of me by being encouraging and proud of their leftist, organizing-against-the-government, sharing-everything-I-have-with-community, wants-to-live-communally-on-a-homestead, trans nonbinary child.

They seem to be working really hard to be way more decent, and to learn, and that's hopeful. Orrr they're terrified of dying and behaving themselves cause they don't want me to stop talking to them again XD. Life is bloody strange.


Fatcocklongcock wrote

You can tell a good person from their capacity to grow and learn. Your parents sound cool