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Lenny wrote

I grew some Cubensis B+. Ate it with my partner, as usual. But this harvest was very powerful for unknown reasons.

We lost control and still have no idea what happened. Some pieces of memory are about walking in another dimension and changing my partner's for my own mind. In the real world I broke everything in the room, left several hematomas on my partner. (She lost her memory too, but hadn't moved from her original position like I did.)

Then I fell from 3rd floor with no pants. Broke several bones. I found myself naked surrounded by frightened neighbours.


darude wrote (edited )

I took 4 hits of LSD in preparation for a concert at a mutual friend's school. I've done my fair share of psychedelics, 4 hits wasn't my biggest dose yet. Started hallucinating the wildest shit, like people materializing and laughing at me, whispers in the wind, endless staircases, i was losing control of my body, etc. I was like, "no way this is acid", got wicked scared that I went insane from taking an RC, and had some stranger I found while tweaking out admit me to a hospital.

After a few hours of terrifying visuals and being unable to tell hospital workers anything about myself besides what was on my driver's license, I texted my dealer to ask what the fuck he gave me cause the experience I had didn't match any past experience I had. He was like "no it's acid, I personally test kitted it." Then I asked why all this crazy shit happened to me, and he was like "uh... Didn't I tell you it was double dosed?"

Tl;dr - I took 8 hits of acid, thought I went insane/died, missed my concert, and now I'm banned for life from a certain renowned Jewish university.


elyersio wrote

I had an allergic reaction to some drug I was perscribed. My cheeks pushed inward, I couldn't breath. We're never touching those pills again.


DeathToAmerica wrote

I once climbed in a toilet head first and was sure I was diving for sponges.


selver wrote

Every trip I've been on is probably tied for worst experience. I have a really, really bad time with psychedelics.

First time I did shrooms was with a bunch of douchebags who wanted to go go-karting. Leaving the house was a really bad idea. Along the same lines, candyflipping and then being convinced for hours that you're going to die is a fucking nightmare.


Tequila_Wolf wrote

I don't think I've had any bad ones, though I've had a few that were so terrible I thought death was preferable to continuing. But in a good way :)


sagemon wrote

Worst experiences? Having friends die from overdoses.. Followed closely by having to stick my finger down friends throats to keep them from choking on their own tongues, holding them in cold showers, and watching them spiral down into insanity, depravity and homelessness over time.

Keep in mind this is over a 40 year time span from the 70's to today.. Bad trips are bad, some people just should never do psychedelic drugs period but there are far worse things you can run into playing with drugs, including death and mental destruction.


rapper wrote

bath salts mixed with molly up four days got serotonin syndrome almost died.


ziq wrote

Yikes, that sounds like a bad time.


rapper wrote

It was the scariest most dark place in my life. That was almost ten years ago. I believe Ecstasy is more dangerous than most people think, and the repercussion from the comedown is not worth it. Now, I believe mushrooms are the Superior drug for entertainment euphoria laughter and dancing, with no comedown. At least for me.


Sxo wrote

Slight Oxy OD on my moms couch. She woke me up, still had the needle hanging from my arm, "You want coffee?" All she said. I was a dumb fuck and thought she had no idea. She’s a nurse, ofc she saw the trackmarks and my needlepoint pupils. Wish the story had a happy end, but here I am going ro score again, how the fuck people can get through life sober is beyond me.


sudo wrote

I don't do drugs, so I guess the worst experience I've had with a "drug" would be when I had to eat orange-flavoured tablets as a kid (I forget what type of OTC medicine it was). The orange flavour was horrible, and I complained every time my mother gave it to me. Eventually, I got her to try one. She threw the rest of them away after that.