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Sometimes it's a cringe-fest comedy goldmine, sometimes a frustrating endurance session of being continuously disrespected, sometimes they can become dangerous, and sometimes they would be reasonable. In the public sphere where right-wing oppression is backed by the state, how was your last encounter?

Edit: I changed the title to reflect that I meant just the politically charged conversations, there are lots of general interactions that might not be as interesting otherwise. Anything that stands out is good, really.



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An_Old_Big_Tree wrote (edited )

Same ol' dance with a fashy family member of mine, no hope there.

Really the only use I might get out of it (since I have to see this person when I occasionally do), is to have the opportunity to present arguments well, indirectly, to the other people present.


shanc wrote

I avoid talking politics with people like that. Doesn't mean you can't have a conversation with them tho


GrimWillow OP wrote (edited )

True, I should have written "How did your last political conversation with a self-identifying "right-winger" go? to specify that I meant just the political ones.

Edit: Changed the title


rot wrote

absolutly wild to me how americans think of pollitics in terms of teams, like a sport or something. theres red or blue and you pick your favorite player to root for.


GrimWillow OP wrote

Oh god I hate that. I argued with some self-identifying trump fans before the election, and they kept talking over me and viciously attacking hillary as if I would ever side with her and wouldn't even listen when I told them I hate her until I repeated it enough times. Once they realized I didn't like hillary, of course they assume I'm a bernie lover and the first thing they say is "Why would you trust someone that looks like Mr. Burns?!" lol wtf. I urged them to please just stop trusting any of them, but they were only preaching not conversing...


existential1 wrote

I had someone unironically ask me if I'd read Atlas Shrugged.


[deleted] wrote


existential1 wrote

Wasn't romantic with me at all. I was finishing up reading "Stamped from the Beginning" and my wife's uncle in-law, who happens to be an airline pilot (take from that what you will) asked me what it was about. I told him....and he asks me if I've read Atlas Shrugged as some sort of counterpoint. My wife had to turn her head away to keep from laughing.


zcrx wrote

They're not worth debating or worth my time. The revolution will leave them in the dust, literally or otherwise.