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Green_Mountain_Makhno wrote

So many things. God, I was such a cringy piece of shit in a lot of ways...

Leave mormonism and your manipulative family ASAP.

Stop worrying about getting married. A good partner and success in life are not a reward for your "righteousness."

Do what you actually want to do, not what you think is expected of you.

Question everything you currently believe, it's almost 100% bullshit.

Read anarchist and marxist theory ASAP. The sooner you can start transforming the way you think and see the world, the better.


GaldraChevaliere wrote

Quit trying to bond with him, he's not going to stop hitting or touching you because you asked nicely.

Your real friends probably care a lot less about what you are than you think, stop hiding and get your life started already, they've been waiting for you to admit it for years.

The people you think are your real friends aren't. Stop living for their expectations and go for another walk in the woods with the boy down the road who loves you.

Work that witch rep these yokels stuck you with, you'll get farther exploiting their superstition than you will trying to prove you're good after all. Go far enough with it and you'll even learn things you always suspected but never actually knew.

It doesn't have to be romantic for it to be love, just accept people's feelings without trying to bargain for more. You can't make someone care for you in any way but the way they choose.

That pull yourself up by your bootstraps shit everyone is feeding you is specifically designed to hurt you. If they ever wanted you to succeed, they'd have helped you like they helped your siblings.


Spend more time with your mentor, you won't have her around forever. Stop pining and enjoy what you have together, while it lasts.

Write all of this shit down because you're going to forget nearly everything about your old life in less than a decade between trauma and injury and disassociation. Your life sucks now, and it's gonna suck later, but you're going to be beautiful and talented and people will adore you when they see what's in you and you'll always be loved no matter what. Others will fear and hate you like they always did but this time you'll be faster and smarter and you'll know their tricks, and you'll be able to hurt them before they hurt you.


shanc wrote (edited )

It doesn't matter what you look like. It doesn't matter what people think of you, beyond your family and friends. Choose your friends carefully. Be honest with people. Be honest with yourself. Meditate. Exercise. Relax. You're doing great.


rot wrote

google anarchism sooner. google pansexuality sooner. make more friends outside of school.

I kinda regret never talking to any of the staff at the schools I went to. Talk to the janitors and lunch servers.


Fossidarity wrote

Most of the things that are shit in your life aren't your fault. Many things will get better.


blackcat_dani wrote

-Treat your folks nicer, they’re honestly looking out for you. One day you’ll see them, greyer with more wrinkles, and wish you didn’t say some of the things you did. Don’t drag your feet so much and tell the people you love how you feel.


surreal wrote

squat more and smoke less