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We want to make an Anarchist movie review of a popular film, but we're not sure on what's popular since none of us even watch many movies. What is big on the movie screen right now, especially ones that are slipping capitalist/fascism/anti-left talking points into the morality of the narrative.

It might be part of a regular series on media reviews through an Anarchist lens, and we're testing the water for it.



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mofongo wrote

With avengers endgame coming out soon, you could make a review of the common themes and teachings of the series as a whole. It's 10 years of very popular movies, it very likely influenced lots of people.


MSNBC wrote

Shazam and Captain Marvel, Shazam was the original Captain Marvel before that lawsuit took away his name and gave it to Carol Danvers. So she could stop being Ms. Marvel and become Captain Marvel.

I want an anarchist critique of both movies.