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Since I hate the real name system, I never use my real name to register the Facebook,I had some fake name accounts for read-only, but they are easily deleted by Facebook.

I find many local organizations do NOT have a website but a facebook page exists. I want to join a local reading club, if I want to start a conversation with them, I must have a facebook account, and the application form of that club need the real name.

If I get a Facebook account with my real name, I would feel I sold my soul, I don't know why. What can I do for it?

I found the middle-class love to use Facebook rather than low SES people, they want to use the real name system to make sure everyone they chat with and friend with are "valuable".And they are the valuable products of Facebook.

Maybe this is a stupid question.



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An_Old_Big_Tree wrote

I have an account with all fake details that I use.

I wrote a wiki which might help you get set up: w/UsingFacebookForRaddle


thekraken wrote

I read through your wiki entry, and decided to try it out. I fired up Whonix, and used the Onion site with a protonmail account I created and they didn't ask for any ID or anything, just that I confirm a code they sent to my newly-made protonmail account. I've added a bunch of groups/etc, but we'll see if I get zucc'd. However for now, the Onionsite+a throwaway email seems to be functioning.


Snowy OP wrote

Thank you, but I don't know it would work or not since the Faceshit asked me for the ID card photo before.