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aiwendil wrote

Maybe try as a resource for that. As far as squatting OpSec, I think it would be cool to start a thread in /f/opsec on the specific challenges presented in various communities.

I've squatted alone and with other people. Alone has some interesting security challenges of it's own. A house full of people can protect each other, but it can also become a liability with people of various ethics coming and going. I have heard some horror stories from squats in Oakland, CA that I hope we can all avoid repeating. However being alone in an abandoned house can put you at risk in a lot of other ways in our modern society, where people are violently lashing out against the homeless. Should the homeowner show up, that could be very bad as well.

Another interesting thing to consider is morale. Squatting alone can be quite lonely. It is really easy to get very depressed dealing with challenges by yourself. I think you have to weigh all of these things together.


Defasher wrote

Would like to hear those horror stories if possible without violating opsec.


aiwendil wrote

I'd rather not make it a public thing anymore than it has been, but I would be happy to discuss over email. If you want email me at and I will give you a brief overview of some of the things I've been through personally as well as things I've heard about other squats.