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RedEmmaSpeaks wrote

In addition to the "no sermons," you should follow the lead of texts like "The Little Red Schoolbook." It was first published in the 70's but remains very relevant today and gods, how I wish I had this book when I was an angry teenager. I had to learn the stuff it teaches by experiment.

The book kind of takes the tone of the cool older sibling, like your big brother or sister who gives you the kind of advice Mom and Dad can't. Mom and Dad may mean well, but their experiences are far removed from their kid's, whereas the cool older sibling can more clearly remember what it was like. The cool older sibling is also less likely to be a sermonizing dick about what you're going through. Granted, I'm aware not every older sibling is cool, but I believe I've made my point.

Anyway, kids would probably easy relate and enjoy stuff in the tone of the book's opening.

Grown-ups do have a lot of power over you: they are real tigers. But in the long run they can never control you completely: they are paper tigers. Tigers are frightening. But if they’re made of paper they can’t eat anyone. You believe too much in the power of grown-ups, and not enough in your own capabilities.

Children and grown-ups are not natural enemies. But grown-ups themselves have little real control over their lives. They often feel trapped by economic and political forces. Children suffer as a result of this. Cooperation is possible when grown-ups have realised this and have started to do something about it.

In addition, just point out that there's nothing edgy or world-changing about being a dick. Anyone can be an asshole, but it takes real courage to care about things and try to fight for an actual cause, rather than just triggering UR libs!!!!!1!!!

Heck while schools tend to focus on adult leaders in political movements like MLK, Jr. and the like, the real truth is that the vast majority of civil rights marchers or anyone working for a progressive cause, were young people, teens and twenty-somethings putting themselves on the line for something they believed in. But again, history is taught as strictly being made by upper-class White Adults. Geez, I wonder why...:eyeroll: