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Glenarchist OP wrote

We do. We're both vocal and active Antifa anarchists. The only place this could be coming from is either right wing kids at her school or more likely, the kids are learning it from youtube.


JayGrym wrote

I hate to say it but there's likely not much you can do that you aren't already doing. Teenagers like to rebel against their parent's core beliefs. Don't give up, just keep it in mind.

Another alternative is to turn these new ideas they have back on them. Example: They like calling people thots for laughs? Call them a thot in front of their friends. Embarrassment is a parents best friend sometimes lol


MHC wrote

You are not directly in control of the YouTube and school environments. Show your openness towards nudity. So take your family on vacation to a nudist resort. Or work as an artist's model.