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[deleted] wrote (edited )


ziq wrote (edited )

I've actually never heard of them, but I don't frequent their spaces so I wouldn't know any of them.


go1dfish wrote

Is voluntaryism a forbidden ideology here?


Lenny wrote (edited )

Not on this sub, but you'll get flamed to bits if you try to spread capitalist propaganda on f/anarchism.


go1dfish wrote

Voluntaryism isn't necessarily pro-capitalist though it is necessarily tolerant of the practice to the extent it is non-coercive.

It is accurate to describe me as an AnCap, but I do not think of myself as specifically pro capitalism.

The only strong favorable argument specifically for capitalism that I have found is the "information theory of capitalism" and even that to me is more of a strong argument for freedom and individualism in the generic sense over centralized control than a specific argument for capitalism as an economic model.


BlackFlagged wrote

No, the only people the terms of service excludes from using the site are fascists. But each particular subforum can make its own rules.